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or karen or the people being honored and it takes a community and that phrase "it takes a village to raise a child". it truly does and takes everyone of us and people in the community, our education community, our native american health center community, our crc community because once they leave us then somebody else has to pick up where we left off and carry that ball to educate the students and i see the students and it's good to see you guys and i thank you for being here and honor all of us, and keep your prayers open for hinttelethat it will always be there. if i can hang in for a couple more years i hope to retire. knock on wood. thanks for being here and each of you drive safely and thank you for your prayers and blessings and those that come before us and those coming into the world. hi pop. [applause] >> shirley, shirley. >> all my x's kids of taught by shirley. i'm kidding. and again with great pleasure welcome janet king to the stage. [applause] >> hello everybody. i have the great honor and privilege to introduce and to introduce karen harrison who is also receiving this
! the families of aurora deserve a vote! john: covering the week, karen tumulty of "the washington post," todd purdum of "vanity fair," jeff zeleny with "the new york times," and eamon javers of cnbc. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens, live, from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by --. >> we went out and asked people a simple question, how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90's and that's a great thing but one thing that hasn't changed is the official retirement age. the question is, how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years? >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by boeing. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contribution to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, sitting in for
that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. john: , so, karen, if bill clinton kind the famous phrase that the era of big government over, did president obama launch the era of smart government? >> that's going to depend on what side of the aisle you were sitting on when you listened to the speech. but one thing about the speech, there was just a lot in it. he touched every single domestic policy initiative he has ever put together before, even the things that sounded sort of new -- minimum wage, raising it to $9 an hour. in his first campaign, he campaigned on raising it to $9.50 an hour by 2011 but what really came through to me in that speech was his declaration that essentially after two years of doing nothing but fighting with republicans over deficit reduction, he was no longer going to have deficit reduction define policy setting in washington. he said a balanced budget is an important thing but it is not the same as an economic plan. and i think he did that, in part, because the deficit has begun to come down but also because he realizes that has constrained him in doin
to millionaire. when karen kozlow tried out to be on the show, she told our producers that she'd use the money she won to buy a man at husbands "r" us. from chicago, please welcome karen kozlow. [cheers and applause] okay, so that was the original plan, huh, to go to husbands "r" us? >> and beside the fact that there is no place called husbands "r" us, i took a deep breath, and i thought, "you know, i'm just not ready to settle down yet." and, of course, i'm too young, as you can plainly see. so i decided if there are some nice winnings here, maybe a cruise in europe. >> ooh, that sounds very nice. >> down the danubew... and, you know... >> and you may meet the man of your dreams at that point. >> you know what? that sounds like a good plan. so we'll see. we'll see what happens. >> you seem very calm out here, very comfortable. >> oh, hey, you know? and we're in control. but i had some interesting experiences preparing for this show. i thought the best thing i could do was drink smartwater. >> oh. >> i loaded up on that. i--this is true. i ate smart start cereal, and it's very good. and i carr
at the d.c. armory. fox 5's karen gray houston was there and has more. >> reporter: there are about 60 of them honored at the d.c. armory by colleagues, family members, d.c. police brass and other city officials. after a year of training at fort 11 worth in kansas and also in pennsylvania. it's an emotional parting as these military police are about to leave their families behind for almost a year. >> i think i've been on seven deployments now, so it's kind of like a routine type thing. >> he's been to japan, iraq, afghanistan. would you think his wife and five kids would be used to the now. >> i hate it. i hate it. >> he is taking with him a flag. >> this is the government flag presented to the 372nd m p battalion from congresswoman holmes norton. >> and, of course, you can always count on congresswoman holmes norton to make sure the battalion gets its proper. >> they raise the state flag, but not the flag of d.c., and i tell them that will never happen any more. at the present time signed a bill to make sure everybody gets respect. >> reporter: the troops got ice cream and cake to go
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. let's bring in our distinguished panel. karen finney is a columnist for the hill. emily author of the new book "coolidge" and john mclake lynn. you know we're man is so wrong. you and you know that i'm right on this issue. police fess up. >> what i'm going to say, i disagree with the premise which is that the whole point of the sequester deal is because both sides were so childish when the president signed the budget control act, this was the only way for both sides to come together and say we're going to handcuff ourselves and major it really ugly so we have to actually get a deal done. that's the clip that the president was talking about. no easy off-ramp means sitting at the table and getting a deal done, but need side want that conversation. they're sayinged president already has his revenue and the president who has been consistent and i'm willing to do more spending cuts, but we have to have more revenue. >> this round is the spending cut round. the president -- >> he made clear. >> which would reallocate this money from the defense, but what the heck. emily, i think it's
asegurar la ayuda. karen es una joven soÑadora de18 aÑos y este aÑo se gradua. s.o.t. karen'/soñadora 12:30:24 espero realizar en el futuro como mi primer meta de ser un médico, de convertirme en pediatra. varias agrupaciones se unieron esta maÑana en la escuela john o'connell en san francisco para lanzar una campaÑa de conscientizaci n sobre la disponibilidad de asistencia financiera estatal para estudiantes indocumentados. s.o.t. david campos/supervisor, cdad. de san francisco 6:06:24 tenemos muchos estudiantes.. que tal vez tenían miedo a aplicar, y queremos que sepan que no pierden nada en aplicar. s.o.t. juan ramírez/college & career center 16:51:12 tuvimos una estudiante que vino la semana pasada, muy estresada, con bastante presión que ella no iba a poder pagar por sus estudios. s.o.t. juan ramírez/college & career center 17:34:13 llegó llorando casi, nosotros pudimos asegurarle que la universidad y la educación está a su alcance. eso gracias al dream act estatal que otorga asistencia financiera a estudiantes indocumentad os que cumplan con la norma ab540. s.o.t. dairo r
one of the board members karen is going to talk about that and computer classes. we have a wonderful lab -- how many do we have now? i want to say about 10 or 12 computers. we have three classes but people really learn at their own pace and what is amazing with our class and people come in and there is instruction and how to turn on the computer and not be squared to touch it and people can go as far as they want and people come regularly into the lab when there is not a class going on and they're typing in microsoft word. we had someone fighting an eviction with the land landlord there or use email and facebook and get to know other people and that is another one of our programs. we have a monthly general meeting we call it and everyone is welcome to come to that. we always meet on the second thursday of each month and from 10 to 12. we meet at the unitarian church at franklin and geary and each month we have a different topic so yesterday in honor of valentine's day we made it about health care and we had free blood pressure screening and we had someone come talk about the af
more than 100 points. for more, let's check in with karen cho. she's love in london for us. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investors are seen this market, this time, the fed suggesting that some of the board members have concerns about the qe purchases taking place. the minutes suggested that some of the members may want that program tapered off before then. also watching heinz shares as well today after the fbi launched its own investigation into illegal trades around heinz. $1.7 million was made from some sort of inside knowledge of this takeaway. and there's been so many deals out there. "new york times" may be the latest to throw its hat in the ring with the possible sale of boston globe. a price tag, how much is this business worth? $150 moll to $175 million cash flow. keep in mind, the "new york times" purchased this company for $1.5 billion. so a significant loss. >> a huge loss over two decades. karen tso in london, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> as always let us know why you're awake. tweet me if you like, at peter alexander. >>> still ahead -- "way
the gun on himself. karen gray houston is live on the scene with the latest. karen. >> shawn, five roommates lived at this house behind me on 36th avenue. two of them were lucky enough not to be home when the shooting started. the roommate, dayvon green, killed was an undergraduate at the university of maryland, stephen rane. >> shots rang out, police and firefighters immediately responded to the scene. >> i was in my room and i heard ten gun shots and three quick succession. it was loud. >> the gunfire frightened area residents. many of them students. several small fires have been set. police say dayvon green lit them, one in the basement and some in the backyard, to lure his two roommates outside. >> they walked toward the home to go get some water, to put out these fires. as they did, one of the students noticed the suspect reaching into his waistband for a gun. >> it happened in a matter of minutes. >> that student then began to run away from the home. as he did, he heard gun shots. and then very quickly realized he had been hit. >> the wounded roommate, a 22- year-old u
hope to see a lot of people there >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon. my name is is karen and i'm here to speak in favor of the oops the national defense act. first thank you to boarder president david chiu and the supervisors who co-sporptd this legislation. i appreciate your help. my father spent the remaining years of his life fighting and reminding people about our japanese people who spent time in american prisons. with hatred brewing against our citizens and innocent americans because they looked like the enemy. the law says we can arrest anyone who looks like san franc and i reside in district 9. i want to thank supervisor chiu. i want to say a couple of things of why the mba and resolutions. you're going to hear from other people testifying behind me today. we could see indefinite military action of things that are indefined in the law. resolutions make the law clear. the law passed without a real debate in the law. and even when the law went to committee we have not seen the kind of debate from an unconstitutional law that can effect our rights under the 5 account
and principal of impact strategies, karen finney, former dnc communications director and ari melber, correspondent for "the nation." welcome to all of you. chuck hagel is about to be confirmed after the next secretary of defense after 18 republicans voted to move his confirmation to a final vote. what exactly did this fight accomplish in your view? >> well, we got to learn the truth about the grudge match between john mccain and some in the republican party and chuck hagel. john mccain laid it out for us pretty clearly when he said that it was, you know, some of the criticisms that hagel had of president bush that angered a lot in the republican party. i don't think it gets any clearer than that. >> that's very helpful and very clear. thank you, karen. ari, let's talk about the friends of hamas because while there were many bogus charges leveled at chuck hagel, friends of hamas may symbolize them at the best. this was a story delivered by thee the editor-at-large of breitbart media. how badly does it look that republican officials were willing to believe these fabricated ideas which
smith is charged with the murder of christopher karens. it happened at a park in edge wood. karens later died at the hospital. another person is in the hospital. >>> police agencies here in maryland are more village lengths following the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary. justin beach month was arrested -- beaumont was arrested this week. he was charged with trespassing but because of comments he made about attending the school and being bullied, police decided to search his home. they found several assault style weapons, hand guns, including an ak47 and uzi. beaumont is undergoing medical treatment and evaluation. investigators said it appears at this time that he owned all the guns legally. >>> the gun debate took center stage at the state capital this afternoon. nearly 1,000 people crowded lawyers mall. among them limiting magazine size rounds from 20 to 10. the governor also wants to add 45 assault style weapons to the ban. some would like to see teachers given an opportunity to be certified to carry weapons in school. >> i learned about sandy hook while i was teaching a first
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in "washington post" political reporter karen tumelty and michael crowley. good morning. >> nice to be here. >> he asked the chairman of the white house council on economic advisers if washington is the biggest problem, including the sequester. here's what he said. >> this is something that the president has provided a plan. the sequester is bad policy. it's something that we should eliminate. it wasn't intended to take place. and we got a taste for the impact the sequester might have if it were to take place with the last gdp numbers. and also i would emphasize that in addition to the broader effect on the economy, cutting head start indiscriminately, cutting some of the essential services that people rely on is not good for the country. >> karen, give us your assessment. we have the gdp numbers, we have the jobs numbers, we have the sequester. what's going on? >> well, i think that what the -- the best description of what the jobs numbers suggest, the economy is sort of muddling along. and that there is a real fragility still there to the recovery. and certainly, anything that washington
gun laws. let's bring in our guests. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi, chris. karen, the poll shows that the win is essentially at the back of advocates for new gun laws but can they use the public sentiment to their advantage and if so how? >> i think the senate is still a very tough lift on these, particularly on the assault weapons ban. i think, you know, most people think realistically the only thing that could happen is the legislation on background checks. you know, these national poll numbers really don't give you a very good reflection of, you know, the united states senate, where, you know, it's -- people from rural states have the sort of disproportionate influence in the senate. it's 100 senators, two from each state and the national poll numbers don't reflect the political reality a lot of these guys see at home. >> i'm wondering since it has been generally accepted background checks were more likely than the assault weapons ban how bad is the sticking point they have? are they likely to push through it? >> it is pretty significant. tom coburn the republi
. >> reporter: from the moment jim and karen reynolds stumbled on the man they believed was christopher dorner in their condo tuesday, they thought it was the end. karen tried to get away. >> when he said stay calm, karen screamed and started running. and he went after her. he caught her at the door. >> reporter: the couple said dorner must have been in the empty home since friday, when they came to do yardwork. >> he said, we're hard workers. we're good people. he talked about how he could see jim working on the snow every day. >> he was watching me work on the snow. >> reporter: he talked about them. and he talked about himself. >> i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> reporter: despite the reassurances -- >> he was very, very calm. and he really -- you really could tell he was professionally trained. >> reporter: they say dorner tied their hands and feet with zip ties, put wash cloths in their mouth and made jim and his wife wouldn't see what happened next. >> he laid us down in the floor. and he put that hood on, i was worried. >> i felt like it was a pillowcase
esposa, karen, conduce. (roger hill) tuve el presentimiento de que se iba a formar un gran tornado. (narrador) en las afueras de manchester, en dakota del sur, el grupo descubre muy pronto que cazar tornados es como subirse a una montaña rusa. (roger hill) seguimos adelante con vientos entre 80 y 100 kilómetros por hora, llovía y granizaba demasiado, repentinamente todo se detuvo y justo frente a nosotros apareció un tornado de un kilómetro y medio de ancho. ten cuidado, cuidado! despacio, despacio! no lo puedo creer! (hombre) yo tampoco. (roger hill) este es un tornado poderoso! es un tornado muy violento. detente, detente! detente aquí mismo! oh, no! (narrador) este es un tornado categoría f4 con vientos de 320 kilómetros por hora. (roger hill) es un gran tornado categoría f4 o f5! oh, es increíble! espero que no haya destruido o que no destruya ninguna casa. mira el daño que causa. la base del tornado era absolutamente horrenda, creo que nunca antes había visto un movimiento tan violento en la base de un tornado, estaba lleno de escombros porque recién había azotad
republicans are destroying them. all that plus e.j. dionne, karen finney and jonathan alter on why conservatives are actually trying to blame the super bowl blackout on the president. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching there is a major development on gun legislation today, but there is a good chance you haven't heard about it. president obama continued the push for common sense gun reform today in minneapolis. he was surrounded by law enforcement officers with the city and the state. the president asked americans to stand with the men and women in the line of fire. >> weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools or threatening our law enforcement officers. our law enforcement officers should never be outgunned on the streets. >> the president has outlined a full list of proposals to curb gun violence in america. very quietly, many of those proposals are picking up steam on capitol hill. senate majority leader harry reid said he expects a bill will soon move to the senate floor. the package will include a universal background check, a capac
in the cnn weather center where we're watching the snow storm. we and karen mcginnis, producers here watching the storm, making sure they have the most up to date information with you. we're live with you throughout the night with continuous coverage on conditions. we have a crew spanned out to bring you the pictures and stories, including there she is on the far left, indra petersons in boston, ali velshi, well, ali is not there, but that's his shot. ali velshi in cape cod for us. in new york, alison kosik, and gary tuchman on staten island. let's begin in boston. logan airport measured one wind gust 76 miles per hour. that's two above hurricane strength. let's go to meteorologist and self-proclaimed weather geek, indra petersons, who has been in the snow for the better part of many hours already. are you frozen to your core yet? >> no, because you have no idea how many layers i have on. it would probably take me five minutes to list the amount of layers. i'm all good. better be safe than sorry. i want to show you how much snow we have. we're still seeing about nine inches. we're under the f
is washington bureau chief for mother jones magazine, and karen finney is former dnc communications director. both are msnbc political analysts and i'm delighted to say karen has joined us here in new york. if i can start with you, david, james clapper, the director of national intelligence, told reuters that just the cuts scheduled for our intelligence services would be, in his words, the budgetary equivalent of emergency amputations. can you explain to our viewers, david, why republicans are so happily trumpeting the idea that we should take these cuts on the chin when they could provoke a national security crisis? >> well, i'd like to come up with a anatomy analogy when we go from emergency amputees to chins but nothing comes to mind. i think playing boehner's remark over again, he got 98% of what he wanted it. this is it. >> 174 republicans voted for that. >> in washington history tends to start about five minutes earlier when you're talking, and you got to go back to what happened that led to that press conference that john boehner said that. it was the republicans saying we're not goin
of marriage act. that's what's preventing charlie's wife, karen, and their daughter from receiving a substantive amount of benefits that would make their lives so much easier going forward. >> how are karen and the family doing? charlie was valiant in her battle against breast cancer, and also valiant on the frontlines of marriage equality and the battle for service members to get the equity that they deserve. how are they holding up, and have they heard this news from you? >> she was a hero. you're right. thomas, she was a hero in the truest sense of the word. she gave the last fullmer of her devotion to this fight for equality, for her own family first. karen and casey are doing as well as can be expected. i know that they appreciate the support that they have received from service members and allies, gay and straight, all around the country in these days. i think that they're encouraged by this announcement, but i think that they know that this isn't all that charlie was fighting for. there's so much more to be done. >> do you think that people like karen would be grand he fathe
will join me on that, and karen finney will join us, and later, the oscar nominated actor of "silver linings playbook" and in the rewrite, what does george clooney have in common with sarah silverman and maya angelou. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> what does drew barrymore have in common with matt damon and art garfunkel? the one hint i can give you is the answer has absolutely nothing to do with show business. and the thing that they all have in common is something that they all also have in common with episcopal bishop ed browning. i hope that doesn't confuse things. the answer will be in tonight's rewrite. ever. nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 735 (some duplicates have been removed)

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